About me


Jeeves Cletus

Let me start by welcoming all the readers to my Blog Esquina (meaning: Blog corner in Spanish) !

Its been over 15 years of Corporate career and perhaps a good time to start a blog to share some real experiences that differentiates theories seen in Management books vs what they all look like in real life at work.

Its been an honor working with various people around the globe, travelling and learning the beautiful prismatic cultures and what the same things mean to different people in different countries (interesting for sure !) I started with my first book and the thoughts I share in this platform are the building blocks for the book, waiting to be published at some point !

This is a little bit about me. I welcome you to use this opporunity to get to know me better through my thoughts and ideologies. As an icing on the cake, two other view points I plan to share here through my blogs are two of my treasured hobbies; Photography and Travelling.

PS: All pictures (web images and photographs) you will find in this website are authentically clicked by me – one of my favourite hobbies. Happy to use this platform to share them.


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