Tissot PRX.. 70s Rebirth !

Owning classics is a big part of a watch collectors journey. Tissot, a prominent brand amongst The Swatch Group family had its first classic PRX design out in the 70’s (1978 to be precise). Interesting facts about the christening of this watch includes the expansion of the letters ‘P’ and ‘R’ as Precise and RobustContinue reading “Tissot PRX.. 70s Rebirth !”

Conscious Capitalism | IIM Time

I had big plans for spending my time with IIM, the Indian Institutes of Management but never thought it would have to be digital instead of making that trip physically to the IIM and making new acquintances. As disappointing at it was in theory, the learning and the experience during the 2 weeks spent wasContinue reading “Conscious Capitalism | IIM Time”

A picture speaks a thousand words

Everyone knows that a picture speaks a thousand words but what no one talks about is that a perfect picture takes a thousand clicks. Photography has been my passion since the time I’ve known cameras. It all started with my dad’s first camera and every opportunity I had to get my hands on it. HisContinue reading “A picture speaks a thousand words”