First Blog

No matter how many personal blogs you have written, the day you decide to go public with your thoughts, its always difficult to put your views together in the way you want it to look. So, here I begin racking my brain to find the most suitable words for my first blog.

Here’s something common among all bloggers. We all have an inherent problem; we cannot keep secrets to ourselves. We have to share it with the world and take joy in seeing others putting these secrets to use in their lives. Its exhilarating to know that our thoughts and vision are out there in the open to be appreciated or to be disparaged.

15 years in the Corporate life has been a thesaurus of learning new ways of managing business; some desirable practices and some unethical to your belief system and yet needed to be followed. Which then brings me to what I wanted to share today through this blog.

Witnessing an unscrupulous system in corporate life is not uncommon, but what matters is how you survive through it and how many survives. Some end up breaking their moral principles and dissolve in the system, some fight it and lose the battle, some stay in to adapt and leave it for luck to favour their survival whereas some try to adapt for as long as they can and then lose heart to realise they dont even belong in it. All types of people exist in this corporate system. If you are not awake throughout your career journey, beware that Corporate life can eat you alive !

I met a gentleman in a recent conference who had an interesting transition in his career. He was a C-level Manager at a very reputed firm and in due course he learnt that it was not his cup of tea. He understood that he did not possess the most important qualities that were required for a leader like being directive or being persuasive and so many more. The interesting part was not about him realising his weakness but what he did immediately after. Even at his mid-40s, he decide to quit his highly paid, well reputed job only to switch career choices that would give him job satisfaction and allows him sleep peacefully at night. He overcame one of the most difficult decisions to make at that stage. It is usually difficult because either the age factor stands in the way or the societal pressure or the simplest of all, ego !

And I sum up… The tranisition in this gentleman’s journey raises a lot of questions. How many of us today work and are fully satisfied by the job we do? How many of us come towards the end of a tiring day and get a peaceful night’s sleep? Keep thinking… It feels great to type out the last few words from my first blog, although its only the beginning of many more to come. Stay tuned in folks !

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