Take A Break from COVID 19

The last week of March 2020… I still remember vividly when the entire world decided to go into hibernation. Corona outbreak had started affecting every part of the world and people needed protection from the virus. I thought to myself that the day had come when a fully grown man weighing 160 pounds has to hide from the smallest living organism in the world (virus). There was nothing left for me to see in a lifetime, i thought to myself.

Although the decision was a healthy one to protect everyone from the spread, as time went by, I started realising for myself that for someone who preaches ‘Change Management’ at work, I couldn’t go along with the changing way of life.

It was indeed a good relief to take a break from the home-bound 6 months of prison time. This was a place on the way to Munnar about 35 kms before reaching Munnar town. A beautiful resort in the middle of tea plantations and well carved, long winding roads. We started early morning as it was easily a 7 hour drive. I had my playlist prepared for the ocassion. Barring a few patchy roads in between, the drive was a good one. Not stopping anywhere on the way, we reached there in time for lunch. Being a hill station, the temperature was cooler than the city and the feeling of breathing clean air couldn’t have been more refreshing. We decided to spend a weekend at this place and i was accompanied with my weapon that captures every memory and smile (I’ve been associated with Canon from the time I’ve known to click).

Valanjamkanam Waterfalls, Peermade, Kuttikkanam

The famous Valanjamkanam waterfall located in Kuttikkanam on the way to Munnar is a real scenic beauty. Its water spraying at you while sipping a hot cup of tea and clicking pictures is a moment of bliss. As beautiful as this can be, the monsoons can be rather destructive too with the water pounding heavily over the bridge causing obstruction to the commuters.

Its a tourist spot especially for photographers to hault by and click a few landscapes. And if you are lucky, your lens will have a monkey treat. The spot is a feeding point for monkeys; they like snatching food from tourists and left overs from the local vendors.

A glimpse of the waterfall during heavy rainfall

This is an important part of life that we all miss out on, even if COVID had never existed. Today, life has become so busy and we get immersed in our work mission and daily chores that we forget to catch a break. What I was impressed to see in the European and American culture is the importance of the holiday concept. It is amazing how well they discern between their time spent for work and personal/family time. This is extremely important because it not only helps your brain rest but also helps it restart and rejuvenate, which further improves your productivity at work. In essence, you are only doing a favour to your work life by going on a holiday.

And I sum up… Take that most deserving break you need, its important, its healthy. If you believe in working hard and be the best of you, then you need to relax and take a break. Because, the better you treat yourself, the more you gain from it.

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