Unlock your Potential

The thing with most of us who have a lot of potential in us, is that we dont know how to unlock it. Its a tricky position to be in ! How do you then learn to unlock it? How do you project the best in yourself? The answer to these questions need a conscious effort with a lot of self awareness.

I recently started an initiative for my Managers with the sole purpose of helping them unlock their potential. In the corporate world, people spend 90% of their time taking care of their immediate problems, be it sifting through emails (which by the way is the most common thing now), sitting through meetings, fire fighting and a lot more. They hardly get to use their real skills or barely get to use their Frontal cortex (the creative part of the brain). The real learing and experience starts only when you start using your inner abilities and find opportunities to use those hidden talents that the world has never seen before.

There are many ways to do this; With guidance and help, with self motivation and determination, with open mindedness to learn and act upon feedback. Above all, the most important thing is to be ready to unlock the real potential in oneself. Because, the mind only listens to things that you want to accept and will only take action on things that you desperately want to see results from. So, it is always upto the individual to take that first step. I have been through the phase where a lot of managers go through, where there is no learning, not really understanding the benefits of the effort that I was putting in, not seeing the goals in my career clearly and where it was taking me to. I obviously needed help at the time.

The most difficult task is to find the breaking point. Once you do, you become self aware and conscious of everything you do and every decision you make. Managers become managers because they possess something that is unique and not many people are able to achieve it. In my first two sessions, some of the topics that I covered with my Managers involved Leadership styles and Emotional Intelligence. Its interesting that one would think given a comparison between IQ (Intelligence Quotent) and EQ (Emotional Quotent), IQ is more important one to make a successful Management career. But the fact is that it is exactly the opposite; one needs to have a combination of 80% EQ with a 20% IQ in order to make a successful career in management.

Johari Window

A tool that I would recommend for the purpose of improving ones Emotional qualities is the Johari Window. It helps you connect better with yourself and the people around you.

Dont be misled by the name Johari, its not the traditional Indian Uttar Pradeshian name. It comes from the initials of the 2 founders of this tool: Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham.

And I sum up... In your career, dont waste all those years expecting a miracle to happen when YOU yourself is the miracle that will change your life forever. The sooner you realise it, the quicker you find success.

3 thoughts on “Unlock your Potential

  1. Hi Jeeves, let me start by saying, I am awestruck and inspired by reading your first blog. It’s the first time I am reading your blog and I have already become a huge fan of your blog. Every sentence carries heavy weight but you narrated it in simple language.
    This is food for thought and for reflection..Let me see how I can unlock myself..Thanks again..


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