Tissot PRX.. 70s Rebirth !

Owning classics is a big part of a watch collectors journey. Tissot, a prominent brand amongst The Swatch Group family had its first classic PRX design out in the 70’s (1978 to be precise). Interesting facts about the christening of this watch includes the expansion of the letters ‘P’ and ‘R’ as Precise and Robust and the letter ‘X’ stood for the roman number 10 indicating 10 atmospheres of water-resistance depth (in other words, 100 metres).

I had the opportunity to own one of these.. Long waited one and it feels great on the wrist. For those who love classics, this cant go wrong ! With a classic tint of blue on the dial, the watch comes with a unique design. Looking at the chain design, one could easily surmise the issue of hair getting caught between the links, but this design with its smooth yet sharp looking edges connects each other so well that it takes care of this problem.

A PRX worn with the appropriate amount of breathing gap between the wrist and the chain strap, allows it to seamlessly flow with all your hand movements. You see a chrono, or a typical automatic or even an ecodrive on one or the other wrists around you, however the rarity of the PRX is enjoyable in any crowd and its sure to start a conversation. PRX had its automatics from the 80s design following this model with a different set of dial choices; however in my view the choice of going for an automatic in questionable and I would ask myself if its worth the buy alongside the sleek quartz models next to it.

Now, the important bit which is the price factor. PRX is an affordable piece compared to most of its competitors in this family grouping. For its collectible value, I think the price and the design goes arm in arm and definintely worth spending to add to your collection. The automatic model however seems a little over priced for its design and overall product value. With its price bracket, customers will start to venture out into competitive buyer markets to make the spend worthy even though PRX is a distinctive design.

To sum it up… Tissot PRX although a rebirth design is a unique piece to add to your collection. It stands out with the rest of the set. Every buy that a collector makes comes with a price tag named: ‘Pride’ and PRX is sure to deliver that !

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